DSDC WooShop POS + ERP |  WooCommerce ERP and WooCommerce Point of Sale

Looking for the most seemless POS + ERP solution for your WooCommerce store?

  • You can install it on your own computer or create your own cloud solution. (WooShop POS + ERP – Basic)
  • Automatic barcode scanning. (WooShop POS + ERP – Basic)
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Our app uses the official WooCommerce REST API and provides live sync on products, taxonomies, orders, clients. (WooShop POS + ERP – Basic)
  • Multiple POS points and users. (WooShop POS + ERP – Basic)
  • The BEST order refund function there is. (WooShop POS + ERP – Basic)
  • Register clients from our POS or our Client dashboard. (WooShop POS + ERP – Basic)
  • Quick discount or fee on orders. (WooShop POS + ERP – Basic)
  • SMS or Email notification, based on order status. (Current SMS providers are EasySMS.gr and Clickatell – Extra Addons)
  • Import your expenses. (Coming up)
  • Suppliers and Cost of Goods calculation. (Coming up – WooShop POS + ERP – Warehouse Advanced)
  • Multiple databases support (MySql, SQlite, MSSql, κ.α). (WooShop POS + ERP – Basic)
  • THERE is no user limitation. (WooShop POS + ERP – Basic)
  • Bulk emails using our Sendgrid, Mailchimp plugins (Extra Addons)
  • Connection with fiscal systems (With our Billing Addon)
  • Bulk product editing, with scheduling capability. (WooShop POS + ERP – Basic)
  • Quick Add button for simple or variable products. (WooShop POS + ERP – Basic)
  • Send invoices via email. (Extra Addons)
  • Custom invoice, sms templates, based on live shortcodes from your WooCommerce store. (With our Billing and SMS Addon)
  • Create custom shortcodes, from meta data with unlimited options. You can convert meta data to the form you desire with our built in data translator. You can filter meta data. You can use meta data shortcodes in order to perform various tasks upon order status change. (WooShop POS + ERP – Basic)
  • Advanced excel import and export (Excel Addon)
  • And many more features.

6000€ of plugins value on a Windows application, that will not kill your hosting and runs smooth!

OS: Windows 10 (64bit)

Connect your WooCommerce store in less than 5 minutes. 

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    WooShop POS + ERP Basic

    Basic version:

    Full WooCommerce implementation

    POS with refund support.

    Advanced bulk edits.

    Basic warehouse support, easily manage your stock using barcode scanner, search etc.

    Product Quick Add button, the fastest way to add products.


    We fully support MyData support for invoices and receipts, for Greek tax authorities standards.

    WooShop advanced warehouse 350€ + Φ.Π.Α  και 50€ /year 

    Adds the capability for purchase invoices linked with products. Cost of goods and suppliers.

     150€ /year

    Our yearly support and updates plan. The first year is free. The recurring cost is 100€ + VAT

    Sendgrid Price: 60€ + VAT

    Purchasing this plugins, provides with the option to send emails using your sendgrid account. (https://sendgrid.com/)

    150€ + VAT  | Updates cost: 50€ + VAT /year

    Purchasing this addon, you get the option for unlimited invoice types, templates. Invoices generated can be sent to print or saved as files. There is also an automatic backup folder option for invoices. Furthermore fiscal systems, are supported.

    EasySMS SMS  Gateway Price: 60€ + VAT  | Updates cost: 20€ + VAT /year

    Send automatic or manual SMS, based on order statuses and many other options. You can have unlimited SMS templates.

    Price 100€ + VAT  | Updates cost:  20€ + VAT /year

    Import or export everything.

    I Price: 400€ + VAT | Update cost: 50€ + VAT /year

    We currently provide a WooCommerce plugin for Greek courier companies. Automatic Voucher printing etc.

    200€ + VAT (Remote Installation)

    We install WooShop POS + ERP, configuration and live Skype call teaching up to 5 hours.


    WooShop POS + ERP, only uses the official WooCommerce REST API, we do not create custom fields or change theme functions etc. Also is C# app that runs on your pc, so you won’t have any conflicts on your webserver. Most plugin conflicts, occur on javascript versions and customizations, among other things. It’s not a WooCommerce plugin.

    Yes, we offer custom development services. Feel free to contact us with your enquiry.

    You can find some similar features like POS, bulk editing etc elsewhere. WooShop POS + ERP has more than 6000€ of plugins functionality. We managed to combine all of that functionality on one app, where your WooCommerce store is seamlessly integrated. We are currently also developing our own API.

    Full WooCommerce implementation. Our POS app, with orders refunds enabled. Our basic warehouse app, where you can live edit prices, taxonomies etc. Maybe the most advanced bulk editing tools with scheduling support. Order management. Order calendar view. Quick Add  button for simple and variable products.

    We offer remote installation. You can choose the option on our client area.

    At this time, is not a subscription based app. There is only a yearly updates and support cost.

    WooShop POS + ERP is not a cloud app, meaning we do not provide it as a service. Is a typical Microsoft Windows application. Due to the fact that we offer multiple database support (SQlite, MySQL, MSSQL, Postgre), you can build your own cloud service for your business.

    We are already developing that option. As of now there is not.


    • Upload your photos, from WooShop POS + ERP. Set your preferred photo sizes, crop, resize, compress them and your are ready to go.
    • Mailchimp implementation.
    • Check your products, during packing, using barcode scanner or checkbox. We provide the option to lock the order status change, until the picking validation is completed.
    • Clickatell SMS implementation.
    • MyData Softone implementation, in order to bridge your electronic invoices with AADE.gr
    • Advanced stats, multi attributes stats, product categories sales, promotion gateways reports etc.
    • iOS, Android app, for stock management and tracking.
    • POS terminals connection.
    • Automatic payment refund with Paypal gateway.
    • Automatic NBG Simplify gateway refund.
    • CRM tools. Conversion tracking, auto create coupons based on various conditions. Automatic newsletter, sms, viber promotions, based on various filters and conditions.
    • Check the status of COD payments, that have not been yet cleared.
    • New WPML REST API implementation, so you can live create, edit or manage, product titles, slugs, description and short description.

    You need custom development?